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We’re excited to have everything up and running on our new website! Thank you to everyone who has already visited, and thank you to those who have already signed up for email updates from the blog. Here are a few brief reminders and news items for everyone:

  • If you still haven’t signed up for email updates, please subscribe in the right-hand column of the main page, or at the bottom of any page on our site.
  • The site is still pretty new, so please excuse us for any missing information or slight changes we make in the coming weeks. There are a few pages we are still working on, and we’ll be updating information as we can. Check back often!
  • Jack and Rachel Hippchen are featured in the WHA Nov-Dec Newsletter 2013 after both of them were promoted to 1st degree black belt! Congratulations!

That’s all the news for now. Thanks for being a part of Shield!

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