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If everything else is equal, the one who is positive will win. When two people with the same skills face a challenge or conflict, it is generally true that the one who is positive will do better. “Positive” does not simply mean outwardly happy, cheerful, or upbeat. It means having a sense deep-down inside that you believe that you can succeed. We can call this sense hope.

With hope, you still have to train and work in order to ready yourself to succeed. An old military saying sums things up well: “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.” Good hope isn’t simply outcome driven. Hope is a part of the process of your training and development as a martial artist.

It is essential in your training that you remain positive. Expect a good outcome and act accordingly! In the martial arts, this means that you have should have a positive confidence in your abilities and your training. You should hope for the best.

One of the most important things you hope for as a martial artist, though, is a little bit different. We should all hope that we never have to actually fight. This hope should be a positive part of how we live our lives as martial artist. It’s one thing to have a dreamy hope that something bad never happens. It’s something very different to act with the positivity that avoids that circumstance as much as possible. Be kind and generous. Whenever possible, avoid trouble (or troublemakers). Be humble and helpful toward others.

This kind of positive hope leads you to the success of never having to prove your skills in a fight. And that is the biggest win of all.

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