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Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, 1942–2014

Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, 1942–2014

Today we received the very sad news that Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell passed away. Sr. Grandmaster Sell was world-renowned as the highest ranked non-Asian in Taekwondo, and he received the highest recognition, appointments, and degree of anyone outside of Korea. We appreciated very much his support for our school as members of the USCDKA.

We would like to express our sincerest condolences to the Sell family for their loss.

The Kelly's and Grandmaster Sell

The Kelly’s and Grandmaster Sell

More information about Grandmaster Sell can be found in this issue of the Taekwondo Times: TKD Times, Living Legend Edward Sell, May 2011

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