Word of the Week: Choices

Every day we all make hundreds of choices. Our lives are a process of the choices we make. And we can make either good or bad choices.

Of course, we all should want to make good choices. This is a good goal to have. In reality, however, we are all going to make bad choices sometimes. The key with bad choices is to learn from them and to stop making them.

Some choices aren’t as important as others. You have to focus on the important choices in life and make them really count. Life-changing things that can’t be taken back deserve good choices.

Speed is not a measure of good decision-making! If you’re not sure, the choice should be no—for now. Wait. Use patience and make your choice count.

You are in charge of your choices.

Where you end up in life will largely depend on the choices you make. Making right choices will take you where you want to be. There will be noone to blame but yourself.

With martial arts, you have the choice to train hard, or not. You have the choice to truly learn your techniques, or not. You have the choice to master your skills, or not. You can earn a black-belt by choosing to not do these things. But, should you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation, the hard training, the effort, and the mastery will pay off.

Published by Master Kelly

I've been teaching Martial Arts for nearly 20 years in Richmond, Virginia. I'm proud to use a traditional approach at Shield which combines the positive physical aspects of Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido training with positive personal values of character and integrity.

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