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Everyone has to take responsibility for the choices they make.

When the results are positive, it’s easy to take responsibility. Winning something, receiving an award, or doing well on a test are all easy to claim. You might be asked, “How did you do on the test?” or “Who won the race?” It’s easy to like these questions when the answers are positive for you.

However, it is important to take responsibility when you make a bad choice, or when the results are not positive. This is not because you’re happy or proud of the result, but that you stand up for it.

For example, if you break a lamp in your parents house, tell them! The worst thing you could do is not take responsibility or lie. Now you have two problems. It’s like the old saying: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Responsibility is crucial in martial arts. It’s part of how we learn.

In martial arts, when you show up for a testing, if you’ve trained hard and learned your material, everything will go well. If you haven’t, you’ll probably be awfully tired from doing lots of push-ups. This isn’t necessarily punishment, but a way to teach you what happens if you don’t train hard. A little pain from some push-ups is far better than what can happen in a life threatening situation.

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