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Setting ambitious goals is just as easy as setting easy ones. So why not set ambitious ones?

Don’t just show up and warm a chair! Come to class to participate to the extent of our abilities. Train with a desire to separate or distinguish yourself from others. Train with ambition. Strive to perfect your technique and be your best.

When I was younger, I was in some pretty bad scenarios. I have been in fights. I had a friend who was stabbed. I have friends who are military veterans. It takes either a great deal of skill or a lot of luck to escape from these kinds of scenarios unhurt.

No one will ever try to hurt you in class. In a fight, someone will try to hurt you. You must be so good, so trained, to survive in a desperate situation. It requires real work. Hard work.

Give yourself something big to work for. Be ambitious.

Don’t just set goals. Set your goals high. Strive to perfect your technique, not just to learn it. Strive to reach your full potential, not just to improve.

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