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Goals are not only for individuals, but for groups too. Anytime you have more than one person involved in something, you have to have leadership. And, whenever you are a part of a group, your “rank”, or your leadership, will have responsibility attached to it. In martial arts, as you achieve higher rank you are expected to be a model and example for others ranked below you. Leadership is a built into the way we learn and train as martial artists.

The type of leadership I believe in is servant leadership. Being a good follower is the first step to being a good leader. You will not learn to be a good leader until you learn to be a good follower

Too often, people confuse a being a leader with being a boss.

A good leader, a great leader, brings out the best in others. He or she helps to draw people together to work as best as they possibly can. Great leaders are willing to do whatever it takes. No job is too big or too small for them. They do not equate leadership with sitting on a throne giving out commands.

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