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People submit to all kinds of things in life. They submit themselves to rules or guidelines. They submit themselves to their goals, or to their values—sometimes without ever even being aware of it.

As United States citizens, we’re under submission to our government. As husbands and wives we’re in submission to each other. As children you’re in submisison to your parents.  As a religious person, I believe that submitting yourself spritually is very important.

Always remember that the rules are made to protect you. Rules give us the ability to work together. Rules are not there to punish you. They’re there to keep order. Traffic would be a nightmare if no one paid attention to stoplights!

The rules your parents give you evolved from their wisdom of things they probably did wrong themselves. And things they’ve learned from their experience. Always do your best to follow all the rules as closely as possible, as best as you can.

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