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Shield Martial Arts is a family owned, character focused martial arts school in Henrico’s West End. With a clean, modern training environment, it is the perfect place to build confidence, self-esteem and respect through traditional martial arts training.

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The founder, Master Bill Kelly, has taught self-defense to thousands of children and adults for more than 20 years in the greater Richmond area. Instilling good character and values in students, along with helping some deal with stress and confidence issues, are key aspects of Shield’s teaching philosophy. We strongly believe that courtesy, integrity and respect are just as important as kicking and punching. Our traditional approach to martial arts training builds the physical and personal attributes of our students.

Shield is a family owned and family operated business. Two of Master Kelly’s sons are 2nd Dan Black Belts and certified instructors. Instructor John Kelly and Instructor Thomas Kelly both teach at Shield. Master Kelly’s wife, Cathy, manages the school’s admin—and has her 7th Gup as well!

Our excellent credentials and qualifications provide a structured and nationally recognized training program. We are proud members of one of the oldest and largest martial arts organizations in the country, the United States Chung Do Kwan Association, and we are also charter members of the World Hapkido Association.

Please read some of our testimonials and see how our students and parents enjoy our school.

Advantages of Training with Shield Martial Arts

Family friendly atmosphere
People thrive in a positive, friendly environment and it is important to choose a school that brings out the best in yourself or your child. Our school has friendly staff and instructors. We cultivate an environment that is welcoming for your whole family. Parents are welcome to watch their children in the audience area, and whole families can train together. Classes available for both kids and adults at the same time.

Culture of respect
Quality instruction pairs good curriculum with respect and courtesy for all. It is also expected that respect is returned when respect is given. Students and instructors both deserve respect, and our instructors hold a class’ attention without being authoritative. To gain respect you must first give it.

Safe environment
Safety is of utmost importance at a Martial Arts school. Shield makes safety its principal goal both physically and mentally. Our training equipment is modern and in good shape, and our classes always have enough instructors to keep things safe.

Clean environment
Cleanliness goes along with safety in protecting students. Our school is hygienic from the waiting area, to the training floor, and to the bathrooms. We take pride in keeping our school in top-shape.

Effective curriculum
The number of black belts we have trained shows the balance we have in using an effective and challenging curriculum. Our training program includes life skills as well as self defense, especially in our focus on values and the Five Tenets. Our instructors lead by example and work to uphold these values as well.

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