Instructor John Kelly

John began his martial arts training in 1994 under Master Keith Winkle at Y. K. Kim’s Tae Kwon Do. He trained there up until receiving his Deputy Black Belt, and then he trained under Grand Master Thomas Henzey at 7 Tigers in Charlottesville, Virginia and received his 1st Dan Black Belt. He has now associated with the United States Chung Do Kwan Association under Senior Grandmaster Edward Sell and has attained his 2nd Dan rank and his Instructor certification.

John has also received a 1st Dan Black Belt in the art of Hapkido in the World Hapkido Association.

He has also earned honors and qualifications outside of martial arts. He obtained the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, and is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Instructor John Kelly HKD

His full-time work is as the Youth Pastor at West End Assembly of God Church, and he has extensive experience in mentoring and caring for young people. Lastly, but certainly not least, he is happily married to his lovely wife Nikki.

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