Shield Martial Arts has been a blessing to our family. Bill Kelly and his family treat their students with compassion, patience and understanding. They encourage my children to do their best. As a result my children are getting stronger both physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend Shield Martial Arts. It’s a great school!”
Vicki H.

Corinne has been taking Tae Kwon Do with Instructor Kelly for over 3 years now. She loves learning with the Kelly family and I have never had to “make” her go to class. She is always ready to go! Her mother and I love that at Shield they not only teach Tae Kwon Do but also many things to help the students be safer in the real world and better citizens. Great program and you cannot beat the cost.
David B.

We have 3 boys who are normally bouncing off the walls at home, but thanks to Shield we now have a safe, positive place to channel their energy. Shield is an uplifting place for people of any age to train in the art of Tae Kwon Do. Instructor Kelly and his team are the perfect blend of strength and wisdom!
Shane S.

Instructor Kelly’s acceptance of individual differences and firm discipline is perfect for my two sons with ADHD.
Diane L.

My son was having too much fun. I had to join too. Now the whole family participates.
Jay L.

Friday Fight Night is awesome!
Aaron L.

My boys and I have been taking martial arts training from Master Kelly for over four years now and have found his instruction to be outstanding! Now two of his sons are also teaching (family business) making the training experience that much more enjoyable. Our family finds Shield’s training to be “character building” along with training the heart, spirit, mind and body. I highly recommend Shield to everyone regardless of age, weight, or physical challenges.
Patrick F.

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