The Parent’s Role in Martial Arts

Become Part Of The Experience!

During your child’s Taekwondo training, there are many things that you as a parent may be able to do to help show you are concerned and involved.  Be supportive not only in the financial level, but also on the physical and emotional level.  Taekwondo teaches the children to respect and obey parents.  Share the achievements and children will enjoy in Taekwondo, knowing that you, their parents are behind them.  The first belt may seem small in the world, but to your child it could easily be one of the most exiting experiences of his/her life.  It is also the first step that a student takes in a lifetime of Taekwondo.  Become involved.  If at all possible, join the classes yourself for a better understanding of what you child is experiencing and share that excitement with them.

Discipline is one of the key ingredients in class sessions.  Please do NOT use Taekwondo as a disciplinary tool.  Let us explain.  Johnny has a discipline problem.  Mon and Dad decide to enroll him at The Academy to help combat discipline problems.  Johnny loves Taekwondo and responds well during class.  However, he has not been training long enough for those improved qualities to overflow out-side of class.  Johnny gets into some trouble at school for discipline related problems, so Mom and Dad decide to punish him by not allowing him to participate in Taekwondo, the very thing that can help the problem.  Does this make sense to you?  Of course not!  Communicate with your child’s Instructor and let us work together with you as a team for the best interest of your child!

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