Block and grab demonstration

In Hapkido class, Master Kelly demonstrates how to block—and also how to incorporate a submission hold.

The Kellys with Grandmaster Sell

The Kellys with 9th Dan Senior Grandmaster Edward Sell. Grandmaster Sell is the founder of the USCDKA, the Tae Kwon Do association which accredits Shield Martial Arts.

Kelly's Promotion 2012

Bill, John, and Thomas with Grandmaster Tae Jung after their certifications and promotions in Hapkido.

WHA Masters & instructors

A photo of the WHA Masters and Instructors from Master Kelly’s most recent promotion in Hapkido.

Tae Kwon Do class at Shield

Instructor John is busy teaching class at Shield. The protective gear worn you see means only one thing: this picture is from a sparring class!

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