Word of the Week: Choices

Every day we all make hundreds of choices. Our lives are a process of the choices we make. And we can make either good or bad choices. Of course, we all should want to make good choices. This is a good goal to have. In reality, however, we are all going to make bad choices sometimes. The key withContinue reading “Word of the Week: Choices”

Word of the Week: Work

Work is my favorite four-letter word. In martial arts, work is simply a part of the process. There is no route to black-belt that does not include hard work. Work is the most essential element of success.  However, work isn’t the only element in success! There are plenty of people who work hard but don’t necessarily succeed. Hard workContinue reading “Word of the Week: Work”

Word of the Week: Plan

A goal requires a plan; it’s the roadmap for acheiving your goal. If you’re serious about achieving a goal, you have to realize that simply saying “I’m gonna…” is not enough. “I’m gonna…” never actually happens. A goal is a dream plus a date. Once you put a date on your goal, you can create a plan.Continue reading “Word of the Week: Plan”